A Letter of Love to Black Students at Yale University, University of Missouri and Across South Africa Blog

We watch in admiration of your strength and courage.

We watch in awe of your dedication and resilience.

We watch in solidarity and recognition of the power of black protest and organizing in creating more just, equitable, decolonized futures.

As Somalis and as black students and academics ourselves, we know what it is like to experience the everyday aggressions, exclusions and humiliations of being at the margins of white institutions.

We know what it is to live with the historical legacies of colonialism.

We know how it feels to labour under the intolerable institutional conditions created by white supremacy.

To be silenced by the gatekeepers of power. To be marginalized by those we call classmates and colleagues. To be erased by the classrooms and libraries claiming to educate us.

We know because we live it too.

And we see you and stand with you, in love, strength and solidarity. Guuleysta!

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