About Maandeeq

Maandeeq (she who “satisfies the mind”) is the name of the female camel that symbolically represented the Somali nation in poetry. It was she who was looted under colonialism, retrieved by her rightful owners at independence in 1960, and mistreated by dictatorship, corruption and war.

Inspired by Maandeeq’s resilience and spirit, we are a collective of young Somali-demics from diverse fields who write about the Somali territories and the Somali diaspora. Our perspectives are informed, critical and unapologetically Somali.


To contribute:

Our posts typically average 600-800 words. Take a look at the Maandeeq manifesto, blog posts and podcasts to get a sense of our style and audience: knowledgeable but accessible, informative, and critical. Our contributors identify as Somali, and write about a diverse array of topics relating to the Somali territories and diaspora.

Send submissions or pitches for review to maandeeqcollective@gmail.com. Include a title, image for the post, and a brief 1-2 line bio.