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Idil Issa is a writer and communications professional. She has lived and worked in Ottawa, Doha, Kuala Lumpur, and Johannesburg, helping non-profits and companies hone their messaging. She’s been published in COLORS magazine, Maisonneuve Magazine, The Globe and Mail, & Esquire Malaysia, among others.

RIS2016, BLM, and White Supremacy
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RIS2016, BLM, and White Supremacy

I have a few thoughts on a recent Reviving the Islamic Spirit 2016 (RIS2016) controversy that might be clarifying, or at least add to the intelligent discourse on the subject. First, let me start off by self-declaring as an African-Canadian Muslim, slightly removed from the direct reality of life as a black person in America, although inexorably drawn in due to the pull the United...

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30 Dec 2016