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Qorsho Hassan

Qorsho Hassan is a devoted bilingual educator and health & wellness researcher in the Somali community. She is a graduate student obtaining a M.A. in Education Policy and literacy. She graduated from the Ohio State University with a degree in Sociology and is a Fulbright Scholar.

A Brief Encounter with Asli Jaamac Muse
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A Brief Encounter with Asli Jaamac Muse

serendipitously, Ayeeyo Asli//my grandmother came to america a couple of days before 9/11. she was bedazzazled with gold jewelry that had emerald stones and wore a thick african tunic dress that bore a heavy scent of ‘uud//incense. her blue eyes were -/weary/- the long flight, – /animated/- the reunion with her daughter after so long and -/haunted/- the civil war does things to you. she...

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13 Jan 2017