A Letter of Love to Black Students at Yale University, University of Missouri and Across South Africa Blog

We watch in admiration of your strength and courage. We watch in awe of your dedication and resilience. We watch in solidarity and recognition of the power of black protest and organizing in creating more just, equitable, decolonized futures. As Somalis and as black students and academics ourselves, we know what it is like to experience the everyday aggressions, exclusions and humiliations of being at...

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PODCAST PHOTO Blog / Podcast

In this episode, we discuss diaspora as a category of privilege, belonging and unbelonging, political blackness and “brownness,” Mary Harper, ‪#‎SomaliAlienation‬, snorkeling in Somalia, and more.

Somali Britain Blog / From the Archives

From the Archives A few years ago, I attended a talk at Harvard by MIT professor Vivek Bald on his research documenting the Bengali presence in the United States (he has since published a book on the topic). Among his central arguments is that South Asians have a much longer history in the United States than recognized, and that there were settled communities of working...

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To be Young, Gifted and Somali: The Somalidemic Survival Kit Blog

It’s September, that time of year when many of us are returning to campus after the summer holidays, whether it’s as college freshmen, graduate students, researchers or faculty. The university is a contradictory institution, at once a tool for advancement and opportunity as well as a hierarchal institution that produces inequalities and barriers for people from marginalized backgrounds. For Somali students who have already faced...

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The Banality of Disenfranchisement Blog

Delivering place-based government programs in ‘at-risk’ communities can elicit, and sometimes suppress, a host of emotions among frontline community workers. The initial satisfaction of giving back by contributing to grassroots development schemes in the area you grew up and found opportunities in. The drive to pay it forward by imparting formative life skills and wisdoms to youth like yourself to not only ‘get through’ life’s...

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