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We’re getting ready to record our first MAANDEEQ podcast later this week. You can tweet your questions or comments to us for our #AskMaandeeq segment, comment here or on Facebook, email or through AskFm. Don’t forget to keep sending us recent #CadaanStudies material – books, magazines, articles, lectures, television/film, art, advertisements – for our monthly #CadaanStudies roundup.

Our New BFF: Turkey and Somalia’s Strengthening Relationship Blog

For a few years now, I’ve been trying to figure out what to make of Turkey’s interest in Somalia. Since 2011, Turkey has been playing a leading role in Somalia’s rebuilding process; along with providing hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian relief, they have invested heavily in major infrastructure projects such as the renovation of the Aden Adde airport. The undertaking of such grand...

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A Brief Exploration of Somali Diasporic Identity Blog

For all intents and purposes, this piece centres around an ostensibly un-Somali topic: coffee shops. I love coffee. I daydream about coffee. I audibly squeal with joy when I taste a perfectly brewed cup. I could spend the equivalent of full working days in cafés and roasteries, relishing in the (expected) moment of returning home to sniff the faint odours of coffee beans that have married...

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Who Came Before the Somali? Pt. I Blog

By now there should be no real surprise that I am fascinated by orality and its connection to Somali personhood. Taking back Somali narratives requires a careful deconstruction and reframing of the very stories we believe to be true especially those that have become part of the fabric of who we consider ourselves to be as Somalis. So what are the stories we don’t examine...

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Return and Unbelonging Blog / Dispatches

Dispatches, No.1 Mogadishu The effect of a cultural bomb is to annihilate a people’s belief in their names, in their languages, in their environment, in their heritage of struggle, in their unity, in their capacities and ultimately in themselves. It makes them see their past as one wasteland of non-achievement and it makes them want to distance themselves from that wasteland. It makes them want...

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Somalia Rising and the Single Story of Progress Blog

Progress, is a term that you now often hear used to describe the current state of affairs in Southern Somalia (especially, Mogadishu). You only need look at the many news outlets, twitter feeds, Facebook posts and statements made by politicians to observe #TheSomaliaYouNeverSee and #SomaliaRising. We are presented with images of, shiny new buildings, amenities we would expect to find in Europe, smiling peoples and...

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