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Maandeeq is always looking for original and innovative content. Our posts typically average 600-800 words. Take a look at the Maandeeq manifesto, blog posts and podcasts to get a sense of our style and audience: knowledgeable but accessible, informative, and critical. Our contributors identify as Somali, and write about a diverse array of topics relating to the Somali territories and diaspora.

We encourage you to keep your sentences clear, short and precise. Please refrain from making general statements. Our readership is diverse and will benefit from the clarity of your submission. Your submission once received will typically take 2-3 weeks to process. After that time, Maandeeq will be in touch to discuss next steps. The author retains the rights to their work, but we request all pieces submitted have not been published elsewhere on the inter webs prior to publication.

Send submissions or pitches for review to Include a title, image for the post, and a brief 1-2 line bio.

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