The Maandeeq podcast features a different topic for discussion each episode, and covers a selection of current events and happenings in the Somali territories and diaspora, the latest in #CadaanStudies, and reader/listener questions. Send us your questions and topics you’d like discussed at maandeeqcollective@gmail.com.

Episode 1: Maandeeq & the Somalidemic

In our first monthly podcast, we discuss the concept of Maandeeq and what we mean by the “Somalidemic”; the latest in #CadaanStudies; who hurt Nuruddin Farah; election related drama in Somalia and Somaliland; Somali independence 55 years on, and much more.

Episode 2: FGM & Somali Womanhood

In this episode featuring four Somali women, we discuss narratives about Somali womanhood and the Somali woman’s body in Western discourse, Lady Tonge and white feminist fantasies, the upcoming Somali Studies International Association Congress, and more.

Episode 3: Diaspora Lines

In this episode, we discuss diaspora as a category of privilege, belonging and unbelonging, political blackness and “brownness,” Mary Harper, ‪#‎SomaliAlienation‬, snorkeling in Somalia, and more.

Episode 4: Boundaries of Soomaalinimo

In this episode, we discuss who and what is excluded from dominant conceptions of Soomaalinimo (Somaliness), the power of narratives and counternarratives, the balcony of Somaliland, and more.

Episode 5: Somalis in Pop Culture

In this episode, we discuss Somali representations in media and pop culture, Drake and East African girls, the challenges of pursuing creative careers, why it’s important to have the confidence of mediocre white men, and more.

Episode 6: Across Diaspora/Local Lines

In this episode, we discuss lobster dinners and mourning our dead, ways to complexify our ideas of the diaspora and the local, challenge ideas of authenticity and identity, the young inventor Guled Adan Abdi, and more.

Episode 7: Framing Terrorism

In this episode, we discuss a British run dhaqan celis camp in Wales; #cadaanstudies as an analytic to question and disrupt the narratives of the ‘war on terror’; deaf advocacy in the Somali community, and more.

Episode 8: Somali Oral Traditions in Contemporary Art

This month’s special podcast examines contemporary Somali storytelling and orality and asks the ways in which oral tradition become taken up across creative fields. This podcast is moderated by Zeinab Aidid and features Abdi Latif Ega, Sofia Samatar, Ahmed Knowmadic and Ladan Osman.

Episode 9: The Sensationalized Somali (Part 2)

In this episode, as follow up on an earlier published article titled ’The Sensationalized Somali: Anti-Blackness and Islamophobia in Toronto’s Media”, we discuss in more depth the recently released ‘This is Dixon’ VICE documentary. Guests speak candidly on the real-life impact of parachute journalism on Somalis living in Canada.

Episode 10: Surviving the Ivory Tower

In this episode we discuss Ilhan Omar’s historic victory, K’Naan’s HBO series, what Donald Trump had to say about us, Somali experiences in education, the things we wish we knew in college, and more