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The Politics of Being Somali in East Africa Blog / Dispatches

Dispatches #4 Arusha – These last few weeks in Arusha have taught me what it means to exist as a body that is read differently from the average Tanzanian. There’s no question that my Blackness gives me a particular kind of African membership, but my body is still viewed peculiarly. My hair produces the greatest confusion. When it is uncovered people ask me if I’m...

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Rooting in East African Soil Blog / Dispatches

Dispatches, No. 3 Arusha I have just landed at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya for a three month extended stay in Arusha, Tanzania. As I walk out the airplane doors I am greeted by the familiarity of dense air mingling with the dust that comes just before the rain. I can’t stop the smile that bursts across my face. As I walk...

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